The XClanLab Project Progress

This project is developed in an agile way with iterations. Each iteration is defined by the regular meetings of the project partners which happen two times a year.

Obviously the project progress is documented by this iterations, called sprints. Every meeting of the project members is a review of the past iteration and a planning meeting for the next sprint.

Kick-off: Meeting in Wiesbaden

Preliminary discussion about the aims of the project. The base for the new app should be the existing app extended by an new management system, internationalization and an iOS version.


Review Sprint 1: Meeting in Helsinki

The old app consists of an searchable image database which helps a first responder by identifiying potential dangerous substances and devices in a clandestine lab. The identifying relies completly on the manual work of the first responder, who must compare items found with the images in the database. Moreover there is only a simple report function which transmits the identified objects and substances to a reveiver.

The project members decided it would be really helpful that the app would assist more profoundly the first responder by identifying items and substances.

We agreed on using advanced technologies in order to support first responders the best way.

The plan was made to let the identifying do by the app. By providing a machine learning (ML) model images from the camera could be analyzed and probably identified.

More over an text recognition subsytem should scan the lettering of containers etc. Another part for identifying a clandestine lab.


Review Sprint 2: Meeting in Stockholm

We developed a prototype of the new app which already supports objects detection taken from the build-in camera and the video stream.


Review Sprint 3: Meeting in Berlin