The XClanLab Project

Members of the uniformed police or the rescue services seldom have experience and knowledge on homemade explosives. For their own safety, for being able to take control of the situation and to preserve possibilities for criminal investigations that will follow, it is of utmost importance that these authorities are able to recognize a bomb factory from the items they see on the site. In case of an illicit bomb factory it is also very important that they know how to act in such a situation and how to be safe as well as what information to convey to the experts that are called upon.

This project will develop a mobile application (app) for Android and IOS operated devices to meet these requirements. The contents will include photos of typical chemicals (listed in the annexes of Regulation 98/2013) and equipment. There is also a report function included where information as well as photos from the scene can be transferred to experts. Furthermore, the app framework will be designed to enable entities from the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) sector to adapt it to their needs and incorporate their own contents. The app will be available in several languages (i.e. English, French and German). Additional languages can be provided. The actual number of languages will be determined within the project depending on demand. An important part of the project is to establish a network of National Contact Points (NCPs) to ensure the distribution of the app reach as many end users as possible as well as to establish channels for a feedback function. This network also enables possibilities of having end user workshops dedicated to handling of the app, safety of explosives and information on current regulations on explosives and explosive precursors