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XClanLab will develop a mobile application for Android & IOS (A&O) to provide information on precursors for homemade explosives. This will include chemicals and equipment for improvised explosive devices and procedures to handle situations where homemade explosives are involved.

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The Project

In case of an illicit bomb factory it is also very important that first responders know how to act in such a situation and how to be safe as well as what information to convey to the experts that are called upon. This project will develop a mobile application (app) for Android and IOS operated devices to meet these requirements.

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End Users

Occasionally, the bomb factories are discovered accidentally by the uniformed police or rescue service (public safety authorities, ambulance personnel or fire brigades). Consequently it´s important that they have access to relevant information about what to do at such occasions.

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Project Partners

The XClanLab consortium consists of partners from Sweden, Finland and Germany.

An EU funded project

Project: XClanLab - Grant Agreement No. 815359
This project was funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police.