The partners in the XClanLab project are the following:

Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)

BKABKA dates back to March 1951. At that point in time, the ‘Law on the Establishment of a Federal Criminal Police Office’ came into force. The development of the BKA as the criminal police of the German Federation over more than 50 years must be viewed in the context of social and political developments as well as technical progress. Together with the other police forces of the federation and the federal states and in co-operation with foreign security agencies, the BKA makes an active contribution to maintaining internal security in a free, democratic Europe. By acting in a constitutional manner, the BKA provides services to the citizens and to the state, as a matter of social responsibility, and thereby works towards the implementation of the value system laid down in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. BKA is an essential cornerstone in a comprehensive system of crime control and works as a partner with the police forces of the Federation and of the individual German states.

Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut (FOI)

FOIFOI is an authority under the Ministry of Defence. FOI was formed in 2001 and is the largest research institute in Sweden with about 950 employees, of whom about 850 are researchers with academic degrees, including about 350 with Ph.D.’s. FOI’s core business is research, development of methods and technologies, and studies for the Swedish defence and in the security arena for civil governmental agencies. FOI’s customers include Swedish and European defence companies as well as foreign defence and security governmental organizations. The Department of Energetic Materials and Modelling at FOI have some of the world’s leading research groups in their respective area. The department’s competence spans from studies on thermal decomposition over synthesis, chemical analysis, explosives detection, characterization, to formulation, production and risk assessment. The Department has extensive experience of lasers, spectrometric methods, and optics, has adequate laboratory and other experimental facilities, including labs for chemical synthesis and analysis as well as out, and indoors test facilities.

Kompetenscentrum Energetiska Material (KCEM)

KCEMKCEM, the Competence Centre for Energetic Materials, is a network and a meeting centre for companies, universities, authorities and all persons within the Energetic Materials sector. KCEM: s objectives are to: • Support Education and Training of personnel from all levels and backgrounds. • Support and initiate research at universities and other institutions. • Perform actual development of Technologies, Production, Design and Education within Energetic Materials. • Conduct Research Programmes. • Be a forum for collaboration for companies, universities, authorities and other key actors interested in Energetic Materials. KCEM was established in 2002 by the Society of Energetic Material Interests.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

NBINational Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is national police unit operating throughout the Finnish territory. The main responsibility is to fight the most serious professional and organized crime. The focus of criminal investigation is in the organized crime crossing national borders with a focus of terrorism related crime. The tool in detecting the target groups is criminal intelligence analysis. The NBI functions as the national contact point in international police co-operation and exchange of information (Interpol, Europol, Police Co-operation Working Group, Schengen, Prüm, standing committee on precursors, action plan for illicit trafficking of firearms and explosives, action plan for CBRN, ENFSI, etc. The NBI hosts also the Money Laundering Clearing House of Finland and National Analysis Centre for Euro counterfeits. The NBI Forensic laboratory carries out all forensic services requested by the law enforcement authorities in Finland and abroad. It is a full service forensic laboratory that hosts the national DNA and fingerprint reference collections.

Screenion GmbH (SCR)

ScreenionScreenion has extensive experience in the conception and development of mobile solutions on Android and iOS platforms and enterprise applications. Screenion was founded in 2009 and has since developed and managed software projects for many well-known customers. Two mobile apps have already been developed in cooperation with the BKA. Screenion has all the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, develop and manage complex apps and applications together with its customers.